Main Products
    1. GYZ-18 Series Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler
    2. GYZ-18 Series Variable Speed Evaporative CoolerBased on our expertise in evaporative cooling, we can supply evaporative coolers of top discharge, bottom discharge and side discharge versions.
    1. GYZ-30 Series Axial Fan Evaporative Cooler
    2. GYZ-30 Series Axial Fan Evaporative Cooler Equipped with an axial fan, this range of evaporative air cooler offers air volume up to 30,000 m³/h, making it an efficient air cooling solution for max. areas up to 250㎡.
    1. GYS Type Evaporative Air Handling Unit
    2. Evaporative Air Handling UnitThe evaporative air handling unit often serves as an ventilation cooling system for industrial and commercial air ventilation and cooling purposes.When equipped with an electric cabinet...
    1. Dry Steam Humidifier
    2. Dry Steam HumidifierThe steam is totally separated from water. The dry steam humidifier employs the high-temperature humidification method, so the humidification efficiency is as high as over 98%.
    1. High Pressure Spray Humidifier
    2. High Pressure Spray HumidifierWith high automation, the mist humidifier is perfect for humidifying large workshops in spinning, cigarette, electron, brewing, printing and other industries.
    1. GYWT Type Roof Ventilator
    2. GYWT Type Roof VentilatorOur range of roof ventilator has undergone multiple work condition optimal experiments on air distribution and been improved repeatedly in structure.